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RED Semiconductor wins grant funding

RED Semiconductor wins grant funding to demonstrate that its Vantage microprocessor architecture delivers power and performance efficiency in Internet Search Algorithms

RED Semiconductor and consortium members Vantosh and Vectorcamp have been awarded a grant of €150,000 to optimise search algorithms to run more efficiently on its advanced microprocessor architecture using Vector+1 vectorised instructions. The award was made by NGI Search, a European project designed to support technical entrepreneurs capable of challenging the way we search and discover information and resources on the internet. This important field of innovation aims to move beyond today’s services provided by non-transparent organisations potentially violating privacy and trust, to a more secure Next-Generation Internet.

 Luke Leighton, RED Semiconductor’s founder and inventor of its vectorised ISA technology says, “Whilst normally a software developer has to make the best out the situation of being constrained by a fait-accompli ISA like ARM or x86 and having to optimise Search algorithms for it, we aim to turn the challenge around: work out what features added to an ISA, would make the same algorithms much more power-efficient and secure. The main computation involved in Search is vast amounts of text processing where commonly used software routines are instruction-intensive and power-hungry. This collaborative project aims to show that we can cut the processing overhead for many of these routines by an order of magnitude or more which could contribute to saving power in Data Centres right across the world.”

David Calderwood, RED Semiconductor’s Chairman adds, “We’re delighted to be part of this EU grant-funded technology collaboration. Grants like this enable start-ups like RED to achieve important technology development milestones which enables and de-risks subsequent venture-backed funding.”


About RED Semiconductor

RED Semiconductor’s mission is to develop and deliver a new class of microprocessor chip set optimised for vector instructions that enable complex computational routines to be performed in fewer clock cycles, with smaller binaries, and consuming less power than any existing microprocessor of comparable capability. The company is based in the United Kingdom and was formed in 2021.


About Vantosh

Vantosh is a Belgium-based IT services and management provider, developing a wide range of solutions for global clients, where security, performance and power-efficiency are key differentiators. www.vantosh.com


About Vectorcamp

Vectorcamp is a Greece-based software consultancy company specialising in providing Software Optimization and SIMD Vectorization Services and relevant training to customers with high demands in Performance and Power-efficiency on all major platforms. www.vectorcamp.gr


About NGI Search:

A more human-centric internet – one that supports European values of openness, transparency and privacy protection – is a key priority of the EU’s Next Generation Internet (NGI). In this context, the EU-funded project NGI Search will change our use, experience, search and discovery of data and resources on the internet and world wide web. It will consider the complex evolution of the internet since its inception and the multitude of connected devices and data lakes it has led to. An important aspect of project work is acknowledging the importance of being able to find, represent and make sense of internet-based data sources and resources without having to rely on organisations that offer such services but are non-transparent and therefore potentially violate privacy and trust. https://www.ngisearch.eu

NGI SEARCH is driven by a group of five organisations:

  • Aarhus University, which offers its business development support in the field of digital technologies in internet services to the consortium for mentoring and added value services.
  • FundingBox, the go-to funding platform for entrepreneurs and European leaders in managing Financial Support to Third Parties.
  • The University of Murcia, a big-sized University and the ANTS research group from the Faculty of Informatics participate in NGI Search.
  • Linknovate Science,  a Spanish-based startup that is bringing to NGI Search its core know-how in expert search and innovation scouting.
  • OW2, a global open-source software community organisation.

NGI SEARCH is funded by the European Commission under Grant Agreement ID 101069364


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