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How the OpenPOWER Foundation works with its members to enhance the capabilities of POWER™ ISA

How the OpenPOWER Foundation works with its members to enhance the capabilities of POWER™ ISA

David Calderwood, the recently elected member of the executive board of the OpenPOWER Foundation (OPF), is advocating for the interests of the foundation’s silver members. This includes RED Semiconductor Avago, NEC, and Microsemi, as well as smaller companies and start-up’s. The OPF serves as the open developer community for the POWER™ Architecture, which is widely recognised as the most open and high-performance processor architecture and ecosystem in the industry.

David, who serves as the chairman of  RED Semiconductor, has outlined in a newly published white paper the benefits of OPF membership and the POWER ISA. The paper highlights how the foundation’s Request for Change (RFC) process empowers members to develop POWER and deliver new capabilities, both for current members and for those considering joining the organisation.

“The ISA Working Group is charged with assessing and approving changes to the POWER ISA, supporting the Open Licencing of the POWER ISA to members OpenPOWER Foundation. It promotes market and user engagement in the ISA and allows POWER ISA to evolve with market needs, whilst maintaining a formal and rigorous process to ensure ISA standards. These standards are keenly recognised as being part of decades-long stability and interoperability that POWER users rely on.”

RED Semiconductor is following the OPF’s processes to ensure its Vector+1 vectorisation adaptation to the POWER ISA is fully supported with in the ecosystem’s development tool infrastructure.

Those interested in learning more about the well-curated POWER ISA and the benefits of OPF membership can download the white paper by clicking below:

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