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David Harold - Head of Business Development

RED Semiconductor adds David Harold to management team to drive business development

RED Semiconductor  (“RED”) is delighted to announce that David Harold has joined its management team as Head of Business Development. Harold has over 25 years of semiconductor industry experience and was most recently Chief Marketing Officer at Imagination Technologies. He will be responsible for commercial strategy for the launch of RED’s innovative vector processor chip and will report to CEO James Lewis.

RED has created the Vector+1 ISA which makes the key algorithms required for AI, IoT and autonomy significantly more power-efficient and secure. The instruction-light ISA is the basis for a ground up low-power microprocessor design that RED will bring to market, initially for Edge A/IoT. This chip will cut the processing overhead for complex compute routines by an order of magnitude enabling the migration of more compute-capability to the Edge. The ‘Edge’ is a point of network compute close to the end-user. An ability to balance compute between personal, Edge and cloud is essential for creating high-performance and low-power applications such as AI assistants, the metaverse, autonomous transportation and in-home-healthcare.

David Harold commented, “This is an important time for the UK semiconductor industry, with a new government strategy launched to ‘double down on design, research and advanced chip leadership – securing the UK’s position as a global science and technology superpower’. The world is watching what the UK will do next. RED Semiconductor has innovated a game changing solution that will impact on a global scale, closing the gap between next-gen application demands and silicon capability. I’m thrilled I’m going to get to take these chips to market.”

James Lewis, CEO of RED Semiconductor added, “We are privileged to have David’s experience on the team at RED Semiconductor. He has a proven track record of successfully promoting complex concepts and value propositions to extremely demanding customers and has a deep understanding of the dynamics of partnerships with some of the world’s largest technology companies. With the team we are putting together, and the technology we have created, RED  is ready for great things.”

David Calderwood, Chairman of RED Semiconductor said, “I’ve spent my career building outstanding teams for Arm, AMD, CSR, and others, and RED Semiconductor today has extraordinary talent at its heart. We have technical genius, visionary leadership, world-class delivery, and accomplished advisors. And there is more to come.”

About RED Semiconductor

RED Semiconductor’s mission is to develop and deliver a new class of microprocessor optimised for vector instructions that enable complex computational routines to be performed in fewer clock cycles, with smaller binaries, and consuming less power than comparable microprocessors. The company is based in the United Kingdom and was formed in 2021. www.redsemiconductor.com

Media contact: David.Harold@redsemiconductor.com +44(0)7889658527

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