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David Calderwood, RED Semiconductor’s Chairman joins the OpenPOWER Foundation Board of Directors

David Calderwood, RED Semiconductor’s Chairman joins the OpenPOWER Foundation Board of Directors

RED Semiconductor is pleased to announce that chairman David Calderwood has been elected to the Board of Directors of the OpenPOWER Foundation, and will represent the Foundation’s Silver membership, numbering around 100 global hardware and software development companies.

“The OpenPOWER instruction set architecture is ideal for embedded computing applications as well as its traditional strength in High performance Computing applications. The OpenPOWER Foundation encourages its member companies to contribute to enhancements to the ISA, and provides a robust framework ensuring ecosystem-wide compatibility of hardware, software and development tools. At RED Semiconductor we are contributing to the Foundation’s ISA Technical Workgroup with our vectorisation instruction prefix that our Vantage chipset will exploit, and I’ll be supporting other members in presenting their own optimisations of the OpenPOWER ISA.”

About RED Semiconductor:
RED Semiconductor’s mission is to develop and deliver a new class of microprocessor chip set optimised for vector instructions that enable complex computational routines to be performed in fewer clock cycles, with smaller binaries, and consuming less power than any existing microprocessor of comparable capability. The company is based in the United Kingdom and was formed in 2021.

About OpenPOWER Foundation:
The OpenPOWER Foundation is a collaboration around the POWER ISA-based products formed in 2013 when IBM opened up technology surrounding their POWER Architecture offerings, including processor specifications, firmware and software. IBM allows its patents to be utilised royalty-free for compliant implementations. Microprocessors based on IBM’s IP may be fabricated on any foundry Semiconductor process and integrated with other functionality of the developer’s choice.
Through the growing open ecosystem of the POWER Architecture and its associated technologies, the OpenPOWER Foundation facilitates its members to share expertise, investment and intellectual property to serve the evolving needs of all end users.

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