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About RED Semiconductor

Open-source microprocessor

RED Semiconductor is a company registered in the United Kingdom, founded in 2021 by David Calderwood and Luke Leighton in collaboration with open-source CPU architecture developers Libre-SOC. RED Semiconductor is commercialising the open-source ground work through a scalable family of microprocessor chipsets optimised to run a unique vectorised instruction set, which for complex computational applications delivers ground-breaking performance with minimised silicon area, and reduced power consumption.
The RED Team

David Calderwood

Executive Chairman

David is a high-tech team builder with career-long engineering expertise in telecommunications, semiconductors and computing. He is a Chartered Engineer and FIET. With over 30 years direct involvement in the strategic building of start-up teams with leading industry players such as Intel, ARM, AMD, CSR, LSI Logic and many other venture funded start-ups. David has a strong reputation for corporate team building, with Luke Leighton overseeing technical innovation, David is bringing together the core founding team of RED Semiconductor.
RED Semicondutor - Luke Leighton

Luke Leighton

Chief Technology Officer

Luke – inventor of Vector+1 and SVP64 instruction set and microprocessor architectures – has been a career-long advocate of open-source as the key enabler to overcoming limitations of corporate CPU architectures. He has worked on projects that demanded processing capabilities beyond those commercially available, and formed Libre-SOC to pioneer the development of a new open-source computing architecture where he is the majority contributor and curator of its IP and knowhow. Intent on delivering his innovative processing solution to major global markets, he joined David Calderwood in founding RED Semiconductor to commercially exploit his invention.

James Lewis

Chief EXECUTIVE Officer

James is a serial founder, leader, builder and deliverer of shareholder value. He set up Oxford Semiconductor in 1992, and its core team of chip developers has remained engaged and loyal to this day.

He has raised numerous funding rounds for a range of private and listed businesses, and has successfully exited businesses to Google and PLX. James brings a track record of dynamic team leadership and commercialisation success to RED Semiconductor.