RED Semiconductor


Our vision is to enable AI to be everywhere, instantaneous, and secure

RED for Go!

RED Semiconductor was founded in 2021 to deliver huge microprocessor performance gains through its semiconductor core IP called VISC (Versatile Intrinsic Structured Computing).

VISC is compatible with the standard RISC-V ISA and uses RED’s innovative compression and sequencing technology to enable entire algorithmic routines to be optimised for parallel execution. It is highly scalable, capable of everything from embedded to high-performance computing.

By executing an entire routine holistically rather than its individual elements sequentially, VISC can deliver far more performance with reduced power consumption. VISC uses highly capable 64 x 128 deep byte-accessible registers, and its execution optimisation engine minimises or eliminates load/store accesses to external off-chip memory. Internalising execution in its sophisticated registers enables higher security/privacy because cipher data and private keys are never exposed to an external data bus. We are already working with partners to implement advanced security software on our IP and deliver the performance required for the AI age.


David Calderwood

Director of R&D and Chairman

Has built the teams of the leading technology companies; OpenPOWER Foundation executive board member.

James Lewis

Chief EXECUTIVE Officer

One of the UK’s most prominent semiconductor business builders – founder of Oxford Semiconductor and Redux.

RED Semiconductor - David Harold

David Harold

Chief Operating Officer

Renowned microprocessor marketing strategist, former Imagination Technologies CMO.

RED Semicondutor Andrey Miroshnikov

Andrey Miroshnikov


Microprocessor architect; previously worked at Qualcomm.


RED Semicondutor Shriya Sharma

Shriya Sharma

Embedded Systems Engineer

Software and hardware specialist from Southampton University.


RED Semicondutor -Manuel Segre

Manuel Segre

Algorithm Specialist

AI and complex algorithmic mathematician from Queen Mary University, London.


RED Semicondutor Steve Evans

Steve Evans

Senior Commercial Adviser

Experienced microprocessor commercial innovation specialist; previously worked at Arm, MIPS and Imagination Technologies.

RED Semicondutor -Haydn Povey

Haydn Povey

Senior Tech Advisor

Security guru – former CTO of IAR and ARM Director of Security Products and Technologies, member of IoT Security Foundation executive board.

James Tout


General Manager of Kioxia UK, creating processors for solid state mass storage.

Justin Hill


Partner at international law firm Dentons, patent expert.