RED Semiconductor


Our vision is to enable AI to be everywhere, instantaneous, and secure

RED for Go!

For nearly five years Libre-SoC has been developing a ground-breaking Vector+RISC architecture. RED Semiconductor was founded in 2021 to deliver chips based on those innovations.

Capable of everything from embedded to high-performance computing, VISC chips are first being delivered for Edge AI to help secure devices and reduce interaction with the Cloud.

We are a startup with an urgent mission, to meet the demands of a societal shift to the AI age. AI must be everywhere. It must be secure. And it must be sustainable.

And with RED it can be.

Combining a new processor architecture and well understood CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) manufacturing means we can deliver more performance and enable higher security when it is urgently needed.

By keeping processing on-chip, we help keep it highly secure. We are already working with partners to implement advanced security software. 

Our low power design, coupled with a distributed AI model, is more sustainable, real-time, and reliable. We can remove reliance on the cloud and enable secure AI everywhere.


David Calderwood

Director of R&D and Chairman

Has built the teams of the leading technology companies; OpenPOWER Foundation executive board member.

James Lewis

Chief EXECUTIVE Officer

One of the UK’s most prominent semiconductor business builders – founder of Oxford Semiconductor and Redux.

RED Semiconductor - David Harold

David Harold

Chief Operating Officer

Renowned microprocessor marketing strategist, former Imagination Technologies CMO.

Andrey Miroshnikov

Senior Engineer

Microprocessor architect; previously worked at Qualcomm

Shriya Sharma

Embedded Systems Engineer

Software and hardware specialist from Southampton University

RED Semicondutor -Haydn Povey

Haydn Povey

Senior Tech Advisor

Security guru – former CTO of IAR and ARM Director of Security Products and Technologies, member of IoT Security Foundation executive board.

James Tout


General Manager of Kioxia UK, creating processors for solid state mass storage.

Justin Hill


Partner at international law firm Dentons, patent expert.