RED Semiconductor

Supercharging RISC-V for Algorithmic Processing Sub: AI, Autonomy, Cryptography

Who are RED ?

VISC™ - Versatile Intrinsic Structured Computing

A new kind of processor core that speeds up cryptography and AI applications through a powerful trinity of algorithm compression, sequencing and parallel execution. It’s ISA agnostic; implemented today for RISC-V.

Get ready for RED

RED Semiconductor is developing technology to solve three hard problems

“Software gets bigger more rapidly than microprocessors get faster.” Complex AI, cryptography and analytical algorithms have fundamentally changed data processing requirements. Traditional architectures are no longer ideal for today’s processing applications.

“Reducing silicon geometries no longer drives enough performance increase.” The only way to boost processor performance is to re-think fundamental architectures.

“Global legislation enforces everybody’s right to privacy and security of data.”. Processors must protect privacy and enable safety.